Scottish, English, Indonesian and Malaysian Myths

I read in disbelief when Catherine Brown, the food writer, revealed her discovery that haggis, a very unique Scottish dish, in fact, appeared first in an English cookbook 171 years before Robert Burns even mentioned it. I was still in shocked when … [Read more...]

Mitsubishi is A Scotsman

Everyone in Indonesia is familiar with Japan and its products, especially in automotive industry. Toyota, Honda, and Mitsubishi are the three brands which dominate the streets in Indonesia. But surprise, surprise! Do you know that Mitsubishi is … [Read more...]

Great Scottish Castles (1)

Scotland's turbulent history has left an enduring mark on the landscape in shape of the many castles, fortresses and tower houses that pepper the countryside. Some - such as Edinburgh or Stirling - rank amongst Europe's most impressive structures … [Read more...]


One of the Scottish national symbols is kilt, a traditional garment of modern Scottish and Celtic (more specifically Gaelic) culture typically worn by men (from Wikipedia). … [Read more...]

Donald Trump’s Scotland Golf Plan Rejected

It's not everyday Donal Trump faces a rejection. But his plan to build a £1 billions (that's Rp 20 trillions or about one-third of Indonesia State Budget of Revenues and Expenditures!) golf complex and housing development at the Menie Estate in … [Read more...]

Where Is Scotland?

Everywhere I go, when asked where I come from and I say Indonesia, I usually get another question: "Indonesia? Where is it?" It doesn't matter that we are one of the largest countries in the world, we have almost 14,000 islands and almost 400 … [Read more...]