I'm Bringing My Sexy Heels Back

The first time I landed in Scotland I realised that I had no closed-toes shoes at all, except several pair of boots. All my shoes had at least 5 cm heels or higher, and all were open toes models, a.k.a sandals, because I come from a tropical country … [Read more...]

Foot Notes

Head note (what do you call a note before footnote?): this post is about, what else, feet. And shoes. Again. Prepare to be bored to death. Last weekend was a busy one. Woke up really early - 4.30 AM to be exact - last Friday to get ready, mostly … [Read more...]

Fall From Grace (2)

Warning: the post contains large amount of vanity which could lead to migraine, nausea, or even diarrhea. You have been warned. =================================================================== Too much love will kill you, according to Queen. … [Read more...]

These Pumps Are NOT Made For Walkin'

Tips: read this while watching or listening to the Nancy Sinatra's These Boots Are Made for Walkin' cover version, where Jessica Simpson is strutting around with sexy red boots.... In my attempt to conquer the granite city (a.k.a Aberdeen), I … [Read more...]

Toilet Conversations

Other than in our own bedrooms, the place that we could reveal the truth and reality is in the toilet. Only by how people take lines and turns, I can see whether they're polite or rude (I was once having an argument with a very high-class lookalike … [Read more...]

Fall From Grace (1)

We were in the finishing stage of this particular project, when the internal auditors came. There were 5 people: three guys and two girls. All blonde, tall, very young, extremely diligent, always look serious, very intimidating, and gorgeous. The … [Read more...]