Foot Notes

Head note (what do you call a note before footnote?): this post is about, what else, feet. And shoes. Again. Prepare to be bored to death. Last weekend was a busy one. Woke up really early - 4.30 AM to be exact - last Friday to get ready, mostly … [Read more...]

Thinking About Buying Burberry?

I have been thinking hard to write something that is mentally, morally, or spiritually challenged, but world peace articles wouldn't attract visitors as much as boobs threads (and those who know me know that I'm an attention and traffic seeker), and … [Read more...]

Greedy Green

I read in Tasa's that Whole Food Market encourages its customers to bring their own bags by taking 5 cents to 10 cents off the bill for each.The same policy will be applied to Marks & Spencer's customers soon. … [Read more...]

When Indonesian Goes Shopping

I have landed on a blog written by an Malaysian expat who now lives in Jakarta. Some of her articles tickled me and I just realized that is how people see us, Indonesians. One that makes me smile is to read her amazement to see the ladies who go to … [Read more...]

The Fake Trade

The Fake Trade, a documentary by Channel 4, written and directed by Nick Hornby (yes, the author of Fever Pitch, About a Boy, and High Fidelity), was aired on Monday night, 3 March 2008. It took us to see the inside of the counterfeit industry. … [Read more...]

You Know You’re in UK When…

I was ordering a new wardrobe at John Lewis. It's sort of custom made; we could choose size, colour, model, and additional bits according to the given catalog. After settling all the major parts, like size and colour, I began adding the elements like … [Read more...]

Toilet Conversations

Other than in our own bedrooms, the place that we could reveal the truth and reality is in the toilet. Only by how people take lines and turns, I can see whether they're polite or rude (I was once having an argument with a very high-class lookalike … [Read more...]

12 Hours in Plaza Senayan

I always felt jealous to those ibu's who are seen walking around the mall with their cute babies and nannies all day when I had 1.5 hour maximum for lunch. I thought, if only I had longer time to spend in the mall it would be the perfect moment for … [Read more...]