Keeping It Private

Is this a growing trend among Indonesian bloggers? I have found out that at least three of my blogbuddies have decided to restrict their blogs, which means only invited users can read them. They're quite popular and one of them has been listed … [Read more...]

Your Comments Worth A Million (And You Don’t Know It!)

This is a wake up call to all bloggers. Somebody - or many people - out there, is/are listening, or to be precise, reading, whatever you say everywhere in the virtual world. It doesn't matter whether it's trashy, unintelligent, boring, or lame. It … [Read more...]

Blast From the Past

Social networking websites certainly are on the top of the game, everybody is hooked up and cannot live without it. There has been discussion in many industries about how they could tap into this new trend and get benefits out of it. It is so … [Read more...]

Facebook Can Ruin Your Life

Isn't it funny that we live behind closed doors but our private lives are wide open to the entire world? We cautiously block the window with thick curtains so people wouldn't see what we are doing. We lock the door so no one could enter without … [Read more...]

‘Real’ Friends

Note: this topic came up when one day Ecky and I were exchanging gossip about someone we both know, and one sentence from Ecky struck me: 'Do you think she even has real friends?' I then tried to remember all the occasions she turned up, and realized … [Read more...]