Jesus Is Found in Scotland!

Although not as bad as Ponari and His Magic Healing Stone phenomenon, anything resembles religious figures always attracts attention. The problem is, I don't see the similarity! … [Read more...]

Here and There

It's been pretty quiet since London girls' trip. The taste of purple martini at the Purple Bar still lingers (too expensive, that is. One glass cost me £17.00 (Rp 350,000). It's good, but I find it hard to justify the price), and there's a talk about … [Read more...]

A Penguin’s Good Life

Post Script Friday 5 Sept 08: According to my statistic, yesterday alone I have got almost 500 visitors after I posted this article. Maybe because Olav was so popular? Or maybe they thought there was something kinky about penguin? I don't know. … [Read more...]

Shannon Matthews: Bizarre Case

Shannon Matthews is only 9 years old when she failed to return home from swimming trip on February 19. Her disappearance didn't hit the news as big as Madeline McCann. Missing Madeline gets full coverages from media and attracts celebrities ' … [Read more...]

Dying to Take The Call?

In Indonesia, we drive cars, motorcycles or vehicles as we please. The police are more interested in keeping everybody driving straight and God forbid if you cross the straight white line (although it's ok to park underneath the sign 'no parking'!). … [Read more...]

Donald Trump’s Scotland Golf Plan Rejected

It's not everyday Donal Trump faces a rejection. But his plan to build a £1 billions (that's Rp 20 trillions or about one-third of Indonesia State Budget of Revenues and Expenditures!) golf complex and housing development at the Menie Estate in … [Read more...]

Bloody Religion

clipped from Mother dies after refusing blood The 22-year-old's funeral took place at Telford Crematorium A young Jehovah's Witness has died after giving birth to twins, amid … [Read more...]