First Winter in Perth

When we arrived in Perth last November it was officially still spring, but since we came from Scotland we thought the weather was going to be a very mild, and the temperature was probably warmer than Aberdeen in summer, so I only packed one - yes, … [Read more...]

Spring? What Spring? (2)

It's mid April. It's supposed to be spring. Summer should be around the corner. With a high spirit we headed down to Edinburgh. We planned to visit several places. The sun was glowing even with the dark cloud above us. But then God thought it would … [Read more...]

Spring? What Spring?

On Sunday we had to adjust our clock back to 6 hours behind Indonesia. Spring has come, apparently. Everybody's mood has lifted when the week has started with a beautiful day. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, the sky was blue, the … [Read more...]

Let It Snow

It's been a long time since I bitched about Scottish weather. Not because I've had settled here nicely and developed thick skin to bear the cold. Not because I have had run away, back to sunny Indonesia, for almost 2 months so I missed the most … [Read more...]

Embracing The Wild Weather

I've visited Aberdeen a couple of times before permanently move here. But we've always visited the city between September and October, so I didn't really feel the cold weather. The coldest temperature I had experienced was 9?C, but that was 6.00 AM … [Read more...]

Confusing Weather (2)

Note: I must say here that I am forced to write something good about Scottish weather. Mr.mckand GG are deeply concerned that I have sent the incorrect message across the nation that the sun forget to shine in Scotland and the weather is entirely, … [Read more...]

Confusing Weather

Tips: read this while listening to Ciara's 1,2 Step song. Let me see ya 1, 2 step I love it when ya 1, 2 step Everybody 1, 2 step We about to get it on People have had warned me that UK weather is terrible, but I've only come here during … [Read more...]