The Long And Winding Working Hours

I have quit my job and left Indonesia a year ago, but still receive job offers from time to time, although no one dares to relocate me back to Jakarta as en expat (*wink). But when I was visiting my ex boss in his fancy office after having dinner … [Read more...]

Why I Took The Wrong Toll Exit This Afternoon

Note: The story happened more than 6 months ago. By then I was still working for L'Oreal Group Indonesia. I was managing a finance project which consolidated 9 countries throughout Asia, and then my boss decided to go ahead with office renovation … [Read more...]

The Lost 3 Hours in My Life

They say misery loves company We could start a company and make misery (Soul Asylum: Misery) I've got two days to go then I'm off. Since this week would be my last week of working, my plan was to have a good time, have a long lunch and come back at … [Read more...]

Sometimes It’s Just Damn Too….Aarrgghh

It was a very hard day, a tough day. I had one conference call meeting at 9.30AM and 7 (seven!!) normal meetings, from one to another without a break, each took one hour, and at 6.30PM was in the restaurant at the ground floor to meet another … [Read more...]

Oh Indonesia, Oh Valet

Have you been to Plaza Abda? Well then, you should. That building is amazing. It's not a mall. It's a complex of office building with an apartment tower behind it. They have a nice restaurant in the office building, Rice Bowl, which, when I was still … [Read more...]

12 Hours in Plaza Senayan

I always felt jealous to those ibu's who are seen walking around the mall with their cute babies and nannies all day when I had 1.5 hour maximum for lunch. I thought, if only I had longer time to spend in the mall it would be the perfect moment for … [Read more...]

Pure Thought: A Friend and A ‘Friend’

The title was taken from Ecky's blog, but I'm not talking about her blog (you should read it yourself, it's cool); I'm gonna try to explain what I have been feeling lately. … [Read more...]

Fall From Grace (1)

We were in the finishing stage of this particular project, when the internal auditors came. There were 5 people: three guys and two girls. All blonde, tall, very young, extremely diligent, always look serious, very intimidating, and gorgeous. The … [Read more...]

A Bad Hair Day (2)

OK, I must accept the fact that everyone thinks my new hairstyle is ugly (read about my embarrassing experience here).   It was a brutal truth, delivered none other than the hair god company, L'Oreal, which office fit-out project I am … [Read more...]

A Bad Hair Day (1)

Melly just has had a wonderful curly hair and talked me into it. Last weekend, for the first time in my life, I permed my hair. I went to my hairstylist, and 15 minutes later, my hair is curly. I thought it is cute. I thought I look cute. … [Read more...]