Questions on Comments and Blogwalking

Today has been a very busy day. And although I was able to read most emails through my iphone, I couldn't check my blog(s) until 10 PM tonight. By the time I opened this blog, I had lots of comments to responds to. And since Monday is my 'major … [Read more...]

Dry Spell

It is not like me. I am usually able to publish two-three articles in a week. In good days, even almost everyday. My blog, which has started since March 2005, and is over 3 years old, is a standing proof about how consistent I have been. But not … [Read more...]


I have been searching for it. Deep down inside my mind, heart, and soul, I know what I'm looking for, but it would be impossible to explain it to the world. It's my exclusive journey, that I and only myself could understand, that I must endure … [Read more...]

Welcome to My New Home

Hello! Welcome to my new home. I have just moved in today, so pardon the mess. Wait, you don't see the difference? Yes, I still use the same theme, the same lay-out, the same color scheme, buuuutt.... see the address? It's changed! Yap, from now on … [Read more...]

Indonesian Expatriates Forum: Progress Update (2)

Indonesian Expatriates Forum (IEF), created in January 2008, has been doing very good. Bugilsnews puts IEF's widget which shows the list of articles we have published on their website (they also put a link to my personal blog there - big thanks to … [Read more...]

Indonesian Expatriates Forum: Progress Updates

I'm starting to get some more detailed ideas about the Indonesian Expatriates Forum that I initiated a week a go. Please take a look, and if you have any suggestion, don't hesitate to let me know, whether through this blog or to my email … [Read more...]

2007 Roundup: It’s A Wrap

2007will leave us shortly. And there are several things I would like to say to all readers who have visited my blog, read my postings, left comments and been involved in the discussions. Since 18 October 2007, after moving from my original Finally … [Read more...]

My Contemplation of Being Older (2)

On my birthday last year, I reached it with sort of euphoria. My contemplation which I wrote last year reflected several small things I have discovered when I have had reached over 30 years old box (click here to read last year's post). I felt I was … [Read more...]

Nothing But The Truth

When I started my blog a year ago, my intention was to start writing again - regularly - because this is what I have done many years ago, actively. Somehow I stopped doing it (for leisure, because I wrote probably almost zillions of pages for my … [Read more...]

Mysterious World of A Clinic

I've been unwell for almost 1 month, have had fever on and off and felt tired all the time. Then 1 week ago I started coughing, really coughing that could go 3 minutes nonstop, and it was so awful until one day my boyfriend was fed up and forced me … [Read more...]