The Lost 3 Hours in My Life

They say misery loves company
We could start a company and make misery

(Soul Asylum: Misery)

I’ve got two days to go then I’m off. Since this week would be my last week of working, my plan was to have a good time, have a long lunch and come back at 3PM, then go home early. It’s not working. I started on Monday by finished around 9.30, then it got better on Tuesday, around 8PM, so today I hope I could finish my duty and go home around 7PM.

Well it didn’t work that way.

I just got home, after 10PM. The worse thing is, it wasn’t because I was tied up with work, but because, well… here is the story.

At 6.30 one of my colleagues knock on my always-open-door and told that she could answer my query by tomorrow. Very well then. But we started discussing about several strategies, so I asked her to come in and sit down.

Big mistake.

Soon she started telling stories about, pretty much everything. The story went back until the year of 1957 (her father), until next Saturday plan. It came from North Sumatera (eating durian in the middle of Lake Toba) until Lombok (stranded in the middle of the ocean).

Around 7.30 my boss stopped by, stood by the door, and gave me a big grin. After two desperate minutes of waiting, he just said, “Ok, I’m off for today.”

The story continued. My laptop kept making noises, indicating that I received emails. I glanced a couple of times but nothing too urgent (nothing urgent for me these days!), and most of the emails are short, and since I’m a quick reader, it took only several seconds to finish reading each email.

Unfortunately, my colleague loves to talk. And the story was finished after 9.30 PM.

3 hours!!

Around 9PM I started to make mental notes and to list down everything I could do instead of listening to the stories. Here are what I could find so far:

  • Color my hair (1.5 hour) + highlight (1.5 hour)
  • Go to airport (45 minutes) + fly to Singapore (1.5 hour) + go to Orchard (45 minutes)
  • Drive from home to office in the morning (45 minutes) x 4 days
  • Attend Highland Gathering
  • Drink a glass of wine (20 minutes) x 9 glasses = 2 bottles
  • Coffee with the girls
  • Download a song from limewire (3 hours, connection sucks)
  • Wander around plaza senayan and visit every store
  • Watch at least 3 episodes of Friends sitcom
  • Read at least 2 novels of Dan Brown and John Grisham, or at least 10 InStyle Magazine
  • Gym (cardio 45 minutes + weight 1 hour) + steam (15 minutes) + shower (30 minutes) + make up (30 minutes)
  • Lunch with Tamara (1 hour) + gossip (2 hours)
  • Have fun at EP (3 hours)
  • Go to skin doctor (30 minutes) + queue (1 hour) + consultation (15 minutes) + queue for treatment creams (30 minutes) + go back home (30 minutes) + put them on (45 minutes)
  • Cook Indomie (30 minutes) + eat while watching Friends (2 hours) + do the dishes (30 minutes)
  • Send 10 batches of emails containing pictures from Bali to all girls using yahoo
  • Go to Cazbar for lunch from office (30 minutes, traffic jam during lunchtime) + eat & gossip (1.15 hours) + coffee (45 minutes) + back to office (30 minutes)

Hmmm…. time to finish this story: 20 minutes……

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