The Mighty Boosh

Billy came and stayed with us on Friday night a few weeks a go. He brought two rucksacks, one contained his laptop, and the other contained his stuffs for the night. Inside his laptop, he had a DVD of The Mighty Boosh. On Saturday morning he made us sit down and watch the show. I mean shows, plural, since one DVD contains at least 10 episodes.

After a moment that felt like eternity, I was practically and literally hypnotized. The Mighty Boosh might be the weirdest TV series. Ever. It’s not funny ha-ha. It’s funny but something stops me from laughing. It makes me uneasy, like rather than laughing at them, it’s the other way around happening. It’s a surreal dark comedy that plays around with what you might have dreamed in your sleep. The characters are equally bizarre. If you see the picture (courtesy of Wikipedia), from left to right, there’s Howard Moon, who thinks he’s somewhat music genius and talented artist, Bollo the gorilla, which is a pet of Naboo (who is a tiny wee shaman with magic carpet and magic poison, complete with his Alibaba suit), Vince Noir who’s dressed like a rockstar wannabe, obsessed with his own image especially hair, with lipgloss and bisexual tendencies, and Bob Fossil, whom I can’t remember at all. Then there’s the talking moon which appears every several minutes, talking bollocks and looking incredibly cheeky and sleazy.

This is one of the episodes I watched, called The Priest and The Beast.

Howard is struggling to find a new musical direction for the band. To make matters worse, it’s the middle of the night, they need the new musical direction by the morning if they want to get signed to Pie Face Records – and Howard has been awake for four days straight.

Out of desperation they turn to in-house shaman Naboo for a quick fix solution, who instead tells them the story of Rudy Van Disarzio and Spider Dijon, AKA the Bongo Brothers.

Rudy, a wise psychedelic monk with a door in his head to prove it, and Spider, a wild man so called because he has eight of… something, were also in search of the new sound. Their quest took them deep into the desert, where their differences threatened to end their musical partnership forever.

But Rudy and Spider reunited once more to defend an all-female town from the evil Betamax Bandit, a horribly obsolete format intent on killing all men, for some reason. On the way, Rudy befriends a mysterious girl who smells of peanuts, and Spider finally gets a door of his own after making a very tough decision.

Unfortunately, none of this is any help at all to Howard and Vince.

The show is so powerful I started to sing one of their featured songs.

Soup Soup// Tasty Soup Soup// That spicy carrot and coriander// Chilli chowder// Crouton Crouton// Crunchy friends in a liquid broth// I am gespatchio Oh!// I am a summer soup Mmmm!// Miso Miso// Fighting in the dojo// Miso Miso// Oriental Prince in the land of soup

The song now is stuck on my head forever. Damn you, Billy!


  1. Anonymous says:

    noel (vince) and michel (naboo) are as fit as fit can be!!! cware fittyz o and a song

    to have the guts to kill a roo its all u hav 2 do//to hav the guts 2 kill a roo its all u hav 2 do//just tell me now….

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