The Singing President

Simon P., a.k.a Metromad, who usually appears in your Sunday’s Jakarta Post, is a proof of life that you should never make a big decision when you’re still under Bintang Beer influence. Under a mysterious spell, he went to the music shop, saw the poster of our president’s album, Rinduku Padamu (My Longing For You), and decided to purchase it. My my. He was surprised to find out that the CD copies of the rising star has all sold out, so he had to buy the old-fashioned casette copy (he should try The Presidential Palace, since they sell souvenirs like black t-shirt with the presidential logo, they might have SBY’s CD copies there).

Simon P. clearly falls in love with the album cover, but not with the songs.

Which brings us neatly onto SBY’s magnum opus. Our man stares moodily into the middle distance on the album cover, sensitively strumming at an acoustic guitar. Far from being some etiolated, whey faced, stick thin singer-songwriter though, SBY’s essential heft puts one more in mind of that corpulent love walrus Barry White.

SBY’s album though certainly suffers from soporific ballad syndrome (musically analogous to irritable bowel syndrome). After about 2.5 seconds of the title track, I knew that I was in for an LP every bit as mediocre as the man’s presidency. “La la la, plonk plonk plonk, bit of a twang, yeah yeah yeah.”

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n the other side of Jakarta, Unspun was stuck in traffic jam and found some consolation when he heard that the Presidential motorcade was also stuck somewhere. He then imagining the President was sitting uncomfortably in the car, ready to burst, impatience, restless, just like Unspun himself.

But after reading Simon P.’s posting, I bet SBY is more than happy to get stuck in the middle of the road so he has extra minutes to practice his singings. Unspun might be lucky the next time he was stuck in traffic and has the president singing next to him….

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Just about the only consolation Unspun is getting in this wet mess is the news that the Presidential motorcade is stuck in a traffic jam caused by the floods somewhere in Pondok Gede. Unspun is imagining an uncomfortable looking SBY, desperately needing to go to the Boy’s Room but unable to because the car he is in is stuck in the middle of the road, hemmed in by other cars, unable to move because the the flood. He then spies an empty Aqua bottle…you get the picture.

Unspun remembers a recent article abut Suharto where the writer, a reporter who covered Suharto for many years, related how Suharto’s driver one told him that the most difficult thing for Suharto after he stepped down was the fact that he would be stuck in traffic jams lik
e the rest of us.

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  1. says:

    Anita: I would have you know that Unspun took precautions and emptied himself before a trip on a rainy day in Jakarta 😉

  2. ahahahahaha… this country is freakishly amazing. we had the ‘smiling general’ and now the ‘singing president’. man, too much smiling and singing is probably why we are stuck where we are. 😀

  3. Ada satu lagu karangan pak SBY yg judulnya ‘Persahabatan’ (atau ‘Sobat’, saya lupa). Not bad, mungkin karena dinyanyikan salah satu band top Indo, KerisPatih.

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