Things that We Thought Are Normal….

Mr. mck finds me crazy. Well, it’s not the first time, but this is the first time I realize that what we usually have in Indonesia are considered crazy.

Here they are:

  1. Pisang goreng (banana fritter).
  2. Pisang goreng with chocolate sauce, condensed milk, and grated cheese. Or pisang goreng with melted brown sugar and icing sugar. Or pisang goreng with sambal (Manado style).
  3. Bread or toast with strawberry jam, poached egg, and cheese. (Or is it just me? Anyone else fancy that?)
  4. French fries with McDonald’s ice cream (I don’t do that, but many of my friends are insane enough to combine something deep fried and hot with extremely soft, cold, and sweet taste)
  5. We have ice tea and hot tea. We can order teh tawar (means tea without sugar or bitter tea) or teh manis (with sugar). We don’t have tea with milk. Only Thai and Indian people do. And some Taiwanese invent bubble tea, which I love but am sure that British will find it disgusting….
  6. Pizza with egg in it. Noone does that, only Indonesians do. And noone serves pizza with noodles as topping.
  7. The fact that Indonesians, or Asians in general, can eat anything at anytime. Stuart was horrified to see me eating sticky toffee pudding for breakfast, as well as was confused when I told him I usually went for McDonald’s with Rocky after clubs were closed at 3.00 AM in the morning, or went for chicken porridge with Dinar at 4.00 AM in Menteng.

And I think Scottish people are crazy, because:

  1. They eat french fries (or chippies) with salt and vinegar. VINEGAR!!! I mean Dutch are crazy enough by having chips with mayonnaise instead of normal ketchup (tomato sauce), but the combination taste of vinegar with chip is truly strange.
  2. They invent a deep-fried mars bar. It’s delicious but I wonder how the man came up with the idea of toss a chocolate bar to a pan and fry it? Must be an incident.
  3. They order Chinese takeaway (normal ones, like fried rice, stir-fry, noodles, etc) with chips as a side dish. Chinese don’t eat french fries until McDonald’s arrive in China!
  4. Pickled egg. Yuck!
  5. They have tea, period. When I said “hot tea, please”, they look confuse because noone serves cold (or iced) tea here. And the tea will come with milk and sugar, whether you ask it or not.
  6. \Deep fried pizza (click on the link for more info). Seriously, Scottish has a thing with everything that is fried. No, not just fried, it’s gotta be deep fried.
  7. Shopping malls are closed at 6.30 PM or even earlier. Thursday is ‘late-night shopping’ time, which means the shops will close at 8.00 PM. Asians are much more diligent, every shopping malls are closed around 10.00 PM, or sometimes, when we were having coffee at Coffee Club Plaza Senayan, at 11.00 PM, where the waiters and staffs are already lining up, waiting for us to detach ourselves from the chairs and head to the exit door.
  8. No ladies nite! Compares to Jakarta: Tuesdays at Bugil’s, Wednesdays at Dragonfly, Thursdays at Aphrodite.

I‘m still gathering some more evidence. So this is to be continued…..



  1. Starlet aka Minutestar says:

    and I thought we – Indonesians have some serious level of fondness for anything deep fried…

  2. The oddest thing I’ve eaten is probably raw mushroom. My host mother served that as a side dish for my dinner. I just stared at it as if it was alien food, I thought she was having a joke or something.

  3. the writer says:

    How true!

    My boyfriend is also horrified knowing I eat “nasi goreng” for breakfast and when I explained that this is the common Indonesian breakfast meal, he refused to believe !

  4. Christine says:

    As an Irish person —

    1) Is normal in Ireland (and delicious!)

    2) Everything except for the cheese thing sounds great!

    3) Definitely a bit odd…

    4) Relatively normal. I have friends like that too. But I do not agree with this practice!

    5) All normal. Except bubble tea. Sounds interesting though…

    6) Pizza with egg is a traditional Italian thing. But the noodles aren’t!

    7) I’d probably never eat pudding for breakfast, but it’s an absolute tradition to go to a fast food resto after a club. It’s almost as important as going to the club in the first place.

    — So maybe Irish and Indonesian’s aren’t so different… —


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