Thinking About Buying Burberry?

I have been thinking hard to write something that is mentally, morally, or spiritually challenged, but world peace articles wouldn’t attract visitors as much as boobs threads (and those who know me know that I’m an attention and traffic seeker), and as an architect-slash-project manager I don’t think I am capable to adopt a patronizing attitude and lecture others about poverty or politics. Plus I’m too shallow and I think talking about fashion would be much more fun!

I know that most girls in Indonesia are brand-crazy. And just like Louis Vuitton and Gucci, some girls are very into Burberry, although not as crazy as Japanese an Korean (A recent survey conducted by MyVoice into high-class brand found that Burberry was also the most owned high-class brand in Japan). The famous English brand, which was founded in 1856, has a distinctive plaid pattern that has become one of its most widely copied trademarks. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles have granted the company Royal Warrants (which means the royal family has been loyally shopping there).

Sadly though, and this is something that customers outside UK do not know, during the 1970s, the brand became popular with the British football casual cult, leading to it to being associated with chavs, hooligans and members of football firms by the 1990s. The brand became a national joke, particularly when actress Danniella Westbrook was photographed with her young daughter wearing matching Burberry (picture on the left courtesy of The Sun). In 2005, the BBC reported that “pubs and clubs across the country began to ban customers who dressed in the label“.

Burberry has certainly been damaged by its walk on the “chav” side. So they have tried to repair the damage by removing checked baseball caps from sale and reduced the visibility of their distinctive pattern. However, the British market represents only a small part of total sales. And when Angela Ahrendts took over the company as the CEO, the brand which almost become a laughing stock in their own backyard has made a dramatic turnaround, claiming the success of the sale of £450 wellies, an £11,000 alligator skin handbag and a £3,000 chevron coat worn by Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City – the Movie. At a time when less-glamorous high street rivals are laying off staff, Burberry said it had sold “several hundreds” of its £11,000 Warrior handbag since January. Sales of men’s coats in Britain have been “sensational”, while shoe sales have more than doubled, led by a wellington boot showcased on the catwalk at fashion shows last autumn. Pre-tax profits in the past year are up by 14 per cent to £206 million on sales of almost £1 billion. (burberry car picture is borrowed from here).

However, generally people in UK avoid to buy Burberry’s classic pattern and go for something more subtle. Only those outside UK are after its distinctive pattern which can be found everywhere from sunglasses to key ring. So next time if you’re thinking about buying something from Burberry, don’t go for something like this…

Or this…. (picture courtesy of BBC).

Or this (unless you’re baby Suri Cruise)….

And definitely don’t go for something like like this! (I mean, wearing tights or leggings is already bad enough but this is sooo wrong in so many levels! Picture borrowed from here).

Instead, opt for something like this:

The most famous Burberry product is trench coat. It was invented by Thomas Burberry who submitted a design for an army officer’s raincoat in 1901. I always thought Burberry has only one model of their classic trench coat, but apparently there are many! (Click here to find out more). You wouldn’t know it’s from Burberry unless you stand close enough to read the label engraved on each button.

But since Indonesia is a tropical country, wearing trench coat will be considered strange, although I am sure there people who are brave enough to embrace the trend without thinking about the appropriate climate. So maybe something like this?




  1. nooooooooooooooo.. i love leggings!!!! lolololololol
    hehehehe.. gue juga baru aja nulis betapa gw males nulis yg serius2 lagih… sama kan gue ma elo, attention whore! lollololololololl

    rima fauzis last blog post..Perubahan?

  2. I think I have written somewhere that I have encountered strange things covered in burberry pattern. Panci / wajan and sadel sepeda motor are just few examples of them LOL

    I dunno why Indonesians like to wear branded stuff that much, I mean if everyone (from a minister’s wife to a factory worker) are carrying burberry bags, then what’s the point of taking part of crazy parade?

  3. Rima: please don’t wear leggings, I’ll divorce you! 😀

    The Writer: I’ll come up with some more weirder pictures then. People are sometimes that shallow!

  4. There was a period during college years, where I used to eye this Burberry trench coat that was on the shop display on South Yarra in Melbourne, where I used to live. I went past that shop everyday and looked at that coat longingly and wished that I could afford it. Gawd it was so expensive!! I looked at the price tag (sneakily) and almost fainted. LOL.

    But it was so nicely cut and shaped, that was why I loved it so much! I actually bought one that looked sort of like it but definitely not from Burberry and didn’t fall as nice as what I hoped it would be. I sold it during a garage sale! Hahah.

    therrys last blog post..Micah’s Strange Habits

  5. Therry: yeah the coat is quite expensive. I really want to have one since I have the ‘cheaper version’ which I have worn through out spring to early winter. Well maybe someday *wide grin*

  6. I never owned burberry anything , But I love the pattern. Love it love it. And that was one great stroller accessories in the picture! Do they make nappy bags? LOL

    katadias last blog post..My current obsession

  7. More fashion lessons learned – and I owe it to you.

    But, where you write “this is sooo wrong in so many levels” I, like the obviously fascinated gentleman to the right of the lady in the picture, think she looks pretty alright in almost all visible levels.

  8. Colson: you have very sharp eyes. But did you notice that he actually looked at her hand out (she was handing out notes) and not her boobs? Maybe that’s why the outfit was wrong – how could a guy be interested in a piece of paper more than a pair of boobs? 😛

  9. your blog very cute,i like your blog

  10. i love burberry’s trench coat but it’s way out of my league. plus when will i get to wear it unless i go overseas? (which don’t happen often sadly) I’ll settle with just the hat and caps…lol

    Ivys last blog post..ShoppinG Disaster

  11. Megatrashid: thank you. Hope you enjoy reading my rant :)

    Ivy: as long as you don’t go crazy with Burberry tartan pattern!

  12. Claire Northrough says:

    I love Burberry too ! I must admit !
    Nice prices and fast delivery from this french online shop for Burberry (also have few Dior accessories).
    Everyhting is authentic there directly from factory outlet.

    A favorite of mine.


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