Tunnock’s Teacake and Tablet

I blame Scotland for my weight gain. This country seems to have endless collection of sweets and savouries, and none of them are healthy! It seems that all sin ingredients are mixed together to create devilish, high calorie deserts. I thought STP and deep fried Mars bar are the only bad sweets, but everyday I find new things.

I met my first Tunnock’s Teacake on last Good Friday. Without a shame, I scoffed down 3 pieces in front of everyone. The teacake, which is made by the company which has been around since 1890 (!), consists of a small round shortbread biscuit covered with a half-dome of a whipped egg white concoction similar to marshmallow. This is then encased in a thin layer of milk or plain chocolate and wrapped in a distinctive red and silver foil paper for the more popular milk chocolate variety, with blue and gold wrapping for the plain. It’s crunchy on the outside, and very soft on the inside. A perfect companion for afternoon tea, especially like last week when the weather had been horrible, windy, snowy and icy cold, where it’s best to stay inside with a cuppa.

Another sweet that I have been trying to avoid to no avail is tablet, a medium-hard, sugary confection made from crystallized, boiled sugar, condensed milk, and butter. It’s very similar but little bit different from fudge. It has a brittle, grainy texture, while fudge is much softer. Usually Stuart’s grandmother has it ready for us, even though she never forgets to check how much I weight…. You could try to make your own tablet by checking the recipe here, here, or here.

Tablet picture is from Burns Sweet Shop, St. Andrews.


  1. Rob Baiton says:

    Sounds like a good excuse to me :)

    So, I am going to use it myself as Indonesia has no shortness of sweet and savoury goodies that fall into that irresistable category of “must try at least once!”

    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. A good excuse, indeed. In my case in Malaysia, I’ve been blaming teh tarik… :)

  3. Oh my God. I know now why they said “French women don’t get fat”, because in France there are less than half sweets they have here in Norway.

    I have been with this body mass index for the last 10 years, no matter what i eat. So i never realized that sweets and body weight does really associate-able..hahaha

    Carefull your blood sugar, Lady.

  4. Good thing I prefer savoury things than sweet, but err… it’s equally bad isn’t it? :)

  5. Obviously it’s time for a compassionate warning. So, here it is.

    I’m afraid it’s not the place where you stay which is to blame. No you should not blame Scotland. Because sugar is in Switzerland, Argentine and even North Korea as well.

    And this is the same also: It takes only a few of this kind of pralines to gain 400 calories. But it takes half an hour of daily hard exercise on the rowing machine to get rid of these 400 calories.

    (I hate to confess I have to use a rowing machine myself)

  6. Ooohh that cake looks like the cake I used to have in Oz. It actually comes in packets and sold at supermarkets, and I always thought the white, soft stuff was marshmallow.

    Funny thing was that the shops in Oz had a whole row of confectionery and I’d never seen such varied sweets and sugar before in my life it was like walking through a sinful path ha3x. The tempation was too great but you’d get sick from all the sugar afterwards.

    Maybe thats why there were more obese people in Oz hmmm..

  7. YUM! Both of those treats sound delicious to me. I somehow think, though, that I’ve had what you call “tablet” before… Only I don’t know what I called it….

  8. Finally Woken says:

    @Rob: uh-oh, Indonesia is much worse than Scotland. If you have to try every single (exotic) sweet or savoury you’d need another 20 years…

    @Bleu: they don’t have diet teh tarik? :)

    @Mulia: I’m not too bad, actually. My BMI is 20. But still…

    @Ecky: naughty girl…

    @Colson: I do go to gym, but 30-minutes cross training burns 250 calories (I’m only small!), which is equal to 2 cups of cappuccino, ouch!!

    @Therry: licorice! They put it strategically at the cashier, so even at the campus gift shop I could buy them.


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