Alexandr Orlov: The Most Famous Meerkat in The World

Alexandr Orlov was shot to fame in January 2009 when he started to appear on British TV commercials. The aristocratic meerkat started off as a fictitious furry character thought up by the VCCP advertising agency as a fun diversion for its … [Read more...]

Who Would Have Sex With Anyone for £1million or World Cup Tickets?

Apparently, a third of British population! Durex British Sex Survey 2010, which gathered 12,000 respondents, has revealed some interesting facts about Britons' bedroom activities. For example, according to the tabloid The Sun, the average Brit now … [Read more...]

Little Something For Christmas

Recession? What recession? Some people are literally showered with money, and if you and your mega-rich friends have an extra million or two to spend, British newspaper's The Sun's has some ideas about the most opulent and OTT presents for … [Read more...]

Hello From Down Under – The Journey

The confirmation finally came when I was still enjoying my holiday in Indonesia. Yes, we're moving to Perth, Australia (not Perth, near Glasgow!). The date was finally agreed. Yes, it's 26 November. Lots of emails went back and forth about how we … [Read more...]

Lockerbie Bomber Released

Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi from Libya was jailed for murdering 270 people after Pan Am flight 103 exploded 31,000ft over Lockerbie (a Scottish border town), 38 minutes after take-off from London en route to New York in 1988. He is found guilty of … [Read more...]

Scottish, English, Indonesian and Malaysian Myths

I read in disbelief when Catherine Brown, the food writer, revealed her discovery that haggis, a very unique Scottish dish, in fact, appeared first in an English cookbook 171 years before Robert Burns even mentioned it. I was still in shocked when … [Read more...]

Defacing Bible

“If you feel you have been excluded from the Bible, please write your way back into it.” The above notice, alongside with a container of pens, are put by the open Bible at an exhibition at the Gallery of Modern Art (Goma) in Glasgow. The exhibit, … [Read more...]

When I Grow Up I Wanna Be… A Playboy Bunny!

I remember when I was in primary school I wanted to be an astronomer (looking for objects up in the sky), archaeologist (looking for objects down beneath the earth), or architect (building things up or down), when I grow up. The first two were … [Read more...]

Homecoming Scotland 2009

I was surprised that I haven't mentioned about the biggest event in Scotland yet. Homecoming Scotland 2009 is a series of events designed to attract people of  Scottish ancestry to visit Scotland. The campaign, organised by EventScotland and … [Read more...]

Old Superheroes

From The Telegraph. Italian cartoonist Donald Soffritti imagines the later years of superheroes, with hilarious results. His brilliant cartoons have been collected into a book, available here. Now, can you guess who they are?   … [Read more...]