Welcome to My New Home


Welcome to my new home. I have just moved in today, so pardon the mess.

Wait, you don’t see the difference?
Yes, I still use the same theme, the same lay-out, the same color scheme, buuuutt…. see the address? It’s changed! Yap, from now on you’re visiting me in my new home, http://finally-woken.com.

I know there are a lot of things to be done. Please be patience, it will take me a while to understand the concept of WordPress – since I have moved from Blogspot – and rectify the blog’s contents.

If you have my previous Finally Woken blogspot blog in your blogroll, kindly please change the address to http://finally-woken.com.

In the mean time, please continue reading the stories as usual. And wait for more surprises. Enjoy!


  1. The first one to comment!!!!!!!!!!!! Sweeetttt!!!

    Love the blog, love the new theme color.. can’t wait for the header to be displayed!

  2. Congratulation Mbak … on the new home.
    Setuju gak perlu ganti lay out dan lain-lain, ini dah keren banget.

    Kapan tumpengannya, for house warming do ? :)

  3. Salam kenal … (^_^)\/

    This is great!! … you have your own domain now

  4. housewarming parties call for champagne… POP!

    straight from the freezer :)

  5. Hey hey.. congrats for your new home, as Tree said house warming party with champagne, cheers!

  6. Congrats on the site!!

    I’m still waiting for the design that therry made.. wanna see what it looks like!!

  7. Congrats…I’ll put this new address on my blogroll.

  8. FinallyWoken says:

    People, thank you very very much! Love you all!

    Tree: naughty! Freezer is only for… *wink

  9. nit… open housenya kapan yah?
    dah pengen ngerasaain makanan buatan loe nih…

  10. Woelank: Uhm I just made berry trifle, but you’re 12,000 km away. So what should I do?

  11. Selamat ya atas rumah barunya … uhuch :)

  12. BRAVO! Congrats for the new site, I’ve changed your URL in my template as well :)

    Btw, next time you visit Jakarta, please let me know. Hopefully we can arrange a “land-coffee” hehehe..

  13. home sweet [new] home. congrats!

  14. Congratz on your new home Nit! Like Rima, can’t wait to see Therry’s design ^^

  15. Selamat atas rumah barunya. Looking forward for your postings. :)

  16. Congratulations on your new home. Looks great. I have updated your link on my blog. I’ll be back to visit again.

  17. May this new house bring peace and enthusiasm to the ones living in…

    Hugs and kind regards from West Africa, indeed.

  18. Hi Anita,

    It is done! I have changed it.
    Thanks for your info and have great day.

  19. Hi there , I agree with this article, just sometimes I read so fast everything and I miss things that after read them again, I can understand it better.. ;). Your to My New Home Blog Stumbled up and Bookmarked, so I keep updated on every article you write from now now on new homes.

  20. hi mbak, baru aware kalo disini ada buku tamu, setelah kukurilingan seharian. Asli deh mbak bloknya keren banget. Yang punya blog juga keren…

    Egh, I’ll send you an email yahhh, boleh nanya2 khan mbak???.

    Makasih yahhhh

    best regards,


  1. […] moving to Blogger in October 2007. After exactly a year, in October 2008 I have finally moved to my permanent address, http://finally-woken.com , and have settled here – virtually, of course – ever […]

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