What Bloggers Do When They Meet Up

For the past two weeks in our holiday I have got to running around from one place to another on daily basis. After going back from Siem Reap, we’ve had lunches and dinners appointments every single day I start making schedule so I wouldn’t forget which couple or people we are meeting today and tomorrow.

In between catching up with friends and ex-colleagues in Jakarta, I have made sure that I have set some time to catch up with my fellow bloggers, and Therry kindly took time to arrange the meet-up.

Last Sunday was the first get-together, or what we usually call “land coffee”, for the bloggers at Cazbar. It turned out to be a great afternoon and we couldn’t stop chatting and laughing. It was amazing because we actually hardly know each other yet we know each other really well we didn’t have to stop to think about the next topic. You could read it more at Therry’s blog.

n546098801_1364330_70101Yesterday it was our second meeting and this time we had it at Kelapa Gading. Everybody was so kind to understand that I had a craving for the infamous Ujung Pandang noodle and Kelapa Gading is the right place to go. I had to take a cab which cost ten times more than the noodle but it is worth every penny!

This time the meeting was attended by more people. Ecky couldn’t make it as she was preparing the most important day in her life which is less than 3 weeks away, and Parvita had the obligation to take her mother for shopping. But there were me, Therry, Devi, Tere, and the famous photographers Toni Wahid and Elyani, who took this picture on the left and was not in it as a result!Β  Just like last week, both Therry and I know every blogger but some of them have not met or visited each other’s blog, so it’s a good thing to catch up and to have another or even more new friends.

The day started at 1 PM at Starbucks when Elyani taught me how to use my camera, which is exactly like hers but is equipped with a different lens. She showed me some of the pictures she had taken and they were all fabulous. It’s even more amazing to hear how she took them! When Toni turned up his camera bag was twice the size of Elyani’s and three times bigger than mine. He is a serious photographer with magic fingers, and the second picture you see in this post is his.

Then we were off for noodle, and went back to grab coffee at the different shop where Wiwin and Boy turned up and joined us. I’m sure Boy was suffocated for the first 30 minutes as he suddenly must face over-excited ladies who asked him lots of questions and treated him like a long-lost friend!

Of course the day wasn’t complete without the funny bit. This guy at the coffee stall, who was overwhelming by all of us who suddenly crowded him all at once, heard me asking him if he had a decaf coffee, and he casually pointed at the neatly stacked styrofoam cups and said they don’t serve coffee in (ceramic) cups. I nodded quietly and told him that decaff means no-caffeine coffee, and he was blushing, as he must have thought I asked if he could serve the coffee “di cup” (in a cup), which is quite similar pronunciation as decaff.

n1164720721_30207809_7059Therry brought cute cupcakes from her famous bakery and they became another victim as Elyani, Tony and Tere took pictures of them from every angle. We, of course, also posed with these cute pink and yellow yummy cakes.

The day ended about 6 PM. 5 Hours passed so quickly when we were happily surrounded by interesting people who make us laugh. We said goodbye and promise to catch up again some time.

Maybe next time, you could join us?


  1. Anyone who is interested to join, can contact the EO aka me πŸ˜€

    I had a great time yesterday, and the more people who turned up, the merrier! Thanks also to Boy (who was bordering in catching a big flu) and Wiwin (who must be shocked at meeting such crazy people like us) who’d joined us, which made us a very interesting (and noisy) crowd! Even when we were saying our goodbyes we were still talking, so I’m glad everyone had a good time!

    therrys last blog post..First Land Coffee in 2009

  2. Nit…the noodle place is Baji Pamai ya? Dang, that place is everyone’s famous noodly place. =)
    Hope you had fun, sounds like you did!

  3. What a crowd … πŸ˜€
    Thanks to all, especially to Therry of who organized the event.
    So, lets meet again and I count that we change our conversation topic in every 5 second like we did :)

    Tonis last blog post..Foto2 Cap Gomeh di Bogor (1)

  4. hohoho…almost suffocated :)

    boys last blog post..Funny Ad Placements

  5. The most memorable experience for Anita is probably taking a short “angkot” ride from Bintang Gading to La Piazza :)

    Elyanis last blog post..25 Random Things, tagged by Lalita

  6. Juinita, I was so curious about you and now I see youuuuuu. You’re growing your hair longer, I see? Therry is always smiley while Anita is cute as a utton like always. For the rest, “Salam kenal aja!”

    Dinys last blog post..Dante Survived Myringoplasty

  7. Siem Reap, one of my favorite places in the world … I want to go back! :)

    Chris Taylors last blog post..Spotlight: Amanjiwo

  8. Whooaaa you have a pretty fast internet connection now, Anita? *grin*

    I haven’t finished my own post about the 2nd meet up. (the 1st one wasn’t as descriptive as Therry’s – so this time I want to be more specific LOL)

    @Miss Lai Lai: nope, the other one. It’s called “Bintang-something” I forgot the full name, sorry.

    Devi Girsangs last blog post..Abusive Relationship: Rihanna & Chris Brown

  9. @Therry: ready for the 3rd land coffee?

    @Miss LaiLai: It’s Bintang Gading, not Baji Pamai. According to my friend the chef from BP moved to BG.

    @Toni: LOL indeed. Must be confusing for someone who walks in and hears we talk about 20 different things at the same time!

    @boy: you’ve survived. Bravo!

    @Elyani: that’s right. The last time I was in angkot was when I was in high school!

    @Diny: so when are you coming back to Indo so we could organise the land coffee too with you?

    @Chris Taylor: it’s gorgeous. I want to go back too, before the modernization touches the city.

    @Devi Girsang: not at all. I’m still with my sad dial-up connection. I had to be veeeeerrryyyy patience :)

  10. OMG, I’m always the last one come to the comment party :-(

    I love every second of our “land coffee”, feel like I have meet you all before.
    And amazingly we can share stories like we know each other for quite a long time.

    LOL, remembering all the funny moment during our 2nd Land Coffee …
    Taxi, Angkot, Therry’s cup cake “the victim”, and how Elyani took the picture of us :-)

    Can’t wait to meet you all again in March :-)

    tere616s last blog post..Great Sex means Happy Marriage ?

  11. I’m always ready! Ivy and Wiwin are also coming, so it’s gonna be fun! I think Ivy really wanted to meet you so badly we all decided to arrange the 3rd Land Coffee on a weekday, thankfully most of us could fit it in our schedule :)

  12. after long discussion in facebook…:)

    boys last blog post..Caleg Campaign Ads in Indonesia

  13. Hi anita! Cant wait to see you again in the 3rd land coffee. Wear something more sexy coz om tony bakal foto2 lebih ganas lagi hauhauhauhua *kabuR*

  14. Ahhh I want to in the photo toooo….. Next time, next time, I promise!

    Eckys last blog post..Tagged by Farika

  15. anita, i so wish i could go back home next year (2010)… land coffee sounds extremely intriguing!

    Dinys last blog post..Drama of the Year 2008 (Vacation Gone Wild) – Part 4 a

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