What People Do Behind Closed Doors With Google Search

Have you googled your own name? Or your ex? Do you feel that you are a weirdo by doing that?

Well think again. Apparently people have too much time on their hands – either that or too much imagination – and rely a lot on Holy Google to answer their dilemmas.

The Telegraph has featured 20 Funniest results from Google Labs which shows you real-time suggestions for search queries as you type them. Some of the results are hilarious, as you can see below:

Picture 7Picture 8Picture 9

Last but not least, my favourite:

Picture 10


  1. wtf. the last snapshot made me crack up…lol
    .-= Toshi´s last blog ..DVD-devouring days =-.

  2. OK, I’ll be the first to admit. Yes, I have tried to Google my own name. Interesting to see some several sites that would come out. Feel like a weirdo? Nah… since I am already :)
    .-= Diny´s last blog ..President’s Speech vs Cub Scout Master’s Promo =-.

  3. Toshi: I laughed a lot as well at the last snapshot. What was the person thinking when s/he googled that??

    Diny: you’re not the only one dear;)

  4. I can’t deny I also googled the name of the few girls I ever kissed as a teenager – turned out they became an officer in the army, a management consultant or an obscure artist. Depressing result. The last one even was too obscure to ask for an autograph ( No, don’t believe it. I made it up).

    As for your favorite line it’s a fascinating one indeed. “Why is there a credit crunch?” ( answer: incompetence, greed and capitalism) may be more relevant, but “why is there a dead Pakistani on my couch” could well be the first line of the Great British Novel.
    .-= colson´s last blog ..Surabaya and idle officials =-.

  5. I google everyone’s name whenever i get bored. My bosses, colleagues, friends, etc. *grin
    .-= Wulan Aquariyanti´s last blog ..Kakap Cabai Hijau (Plus Tahu & Telur Puyuh) =-.

  6. I googled all the guys that asks me out. I remember going out with a guy who also googled me before we went out. Doesn’t everybody do that? LOL.

  7. google is the best tool to type any word and hopely to find something interest. i use it also for fun to find my old friends, or for serious activities
    .-= atmo´s last blog ..Gempa 5,6 SR Di Sulawesi Utara =-.

  8. Colson: you’re hilarious as usual :)

    Wulan: ehm, and I’m sure they google you as well!

    Parvita: I don’t! I honestly didn’t google guys I dated. Only my exes LOL.

    Atmo: rather than stating the obvious, share some dirty secrets, please…:)

  9. i never try before..but mayb i’ll do it later…..:)

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