When It Became Too Real

A fan of online virtual reality game “Second Life” is being divorced after his wife caught his cyber character having sex with a two-dimensional prostitute (The Sun, Nov 14).

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David Pollard’s shocked missus walked out on him in tears over the fling between his randy computer “self” and the other player’s busty two-dimensional hooker.

Last night she accused the 40-year-old of being so besotted in real life that he had asked her love rival’s creator — whom he has never seen — to become his second WIFE.

Amy’s divorce cites the fictional flings as “unreasonable behaviour”.

She told how she and 20st David — who is jobless — met in a Yahoo chatroom in May 2003.

After six months of emails and phone calls she quit London and moved into his flat in Newquay, Cornwall. They would both play Second Life — and in the game their humble register office wedding in July 2005 was turned into a Beckham-style extravaganza.

But before long, Amy — who named her character Laura Skye — grew to fear that her husband’s, called David Barmy, was up to no good. She said: “He never did anything in real life. But I had my suspicions about what he was doing in Second Life.”

Hitch ... Second Life version of couple's humble wedding

She caught the character having sex with the hooker in February — and hired an online DETECTIVE to investigate.

Amy said: “I went mad — I was so hurt. It’s cheating as far as I’m concerned. We made up after he promised never to cheat on me again.

“But two months later I caught him cuddling a woman on a sofa in the game. I ended up going off to his mum and dad’s in floods of tears. He confessed he’d been talking to this woman player in America — then said our marriage was over.”

The couple have already “divorced” in Second Life.

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  1. oh ada2 aja, yang begini nih yang terlalu terbawa dunia maya, nanti jadinya kaya manusia2 yang di film wall-e

    the writers last blog post..Kegle

  2. Read something lke this too couple of weeks ago, one Japanese went mad when her character was divorced by one Japanese guy’s (whom she never met) character. She then hacked his email address and ended up being investigated by police.

    bung tobings last blog post..Democracy and Economic Development

  3. The same thing has actually happened with the game Ragnarok which is very popular here. The characters can get married etc and earn money as well.

    There are people who actually sell their motorcycles or mobile phones to buy more ‘zeni’ (that’s the game’s currency), and apparently this game is banned in Korea (the country that invented it if I’m not mistaken) because some people took it too seriously there were riots and murders being charged just because of this game…

    I know this because my brother runs an internet cafe and people get so addicted and drowned into the virtual world they spent more time in the game interacting with people from across the cities or countries.

    Even my brother’s friend got hooked up to it so much it took him 8 years to graduate his accountancy degree in Atmajaya because he kept finding excuses to work, ie. ‘jaga warnet/play as long as I can’ LOL

    therrys last blog post..Micah’s Strange Habits

  4. That’s weird.

    @Therry: my brothers been there too. Thank God it’s over now, I really hate watching them in front of the monitor for hours.

    Devi Girsangs last blog post..Finding The Right Law School

  5. I used to own an internet cafe too, and had a customer who played online games for two days straight, only stepped away from the computer to take bathroom breaks or buy food from the passing bakso/soto vendors. He left looking like sh*t.. but he paid the hefty by-the-hour internet bill.

    The story about having affairs, stalking, marriage, divorce etc in virtual life sounds so wrong in so many levels. C’mon, it’s just make believe! Can’t these people differentiate between real life and these games?

    Did Amy actually physically move from London to Cornwall to be with this guy, only to continue playing computer games? Seriously? Playing online games side by side, got married in the game, hubby had an affair in the game… all while living together and do nothing in real life. Weird.

  6. TheWriter: it’s bizarre, indeed.

    Bung Tobing: it’s really creepy. Is the woman prosecuted?

    Therry & Devi: yeah, my brother also has had his stage of gluing himself in front of monitor for hours to play the game. I always told him to go outside and hang out with 3dimensional people.

    Mia: yes, sad isn’t it. In reality they’re obese jobless couple, in Second Life she looks like Angelina Jolie and he’s tall and slim and has hair. She now moves in with a guy she met at another reality game. Creepy!


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