Who Would Have Sex With Anyone for £1million or World Cup Tickets?

Apparently, a third of British population!

Durex British Sex Survey 2010, which gathered 12,000 respondents, has revealed some interesting facts about Britons’ bedroom activities. For example, according to the tabloid The Sun, the average Brit now has sex three to four times a week and has slept with between two and five people. A promiscuous two per cent claim to have bedded more than 100 lovers. However, it doesn’t stop almost 3% of the respondents to think about shopping or football when they are having sex.

And should we be surprised that almost a third lost their virginity before they turn 16, and another 30% before they reach 18?

I wonder if Durex would conduct the similar survey in Indonesia. We will be really, really surprised!


  1. Here are two astonishing facts ( well, not facts really, but floating words in a lousy tabloid).

    First: sex with anybody would imply George Bush. Till this moment I was convinced only Blair would be an eager candidate.

    Secondly: is over one third of my British fellow humans still a f…… virgin when he or she turns 18????!!!! Lazy bastards.
    .-= colson´s last blog ..Little Pleasures =-.

  2. Perhaps you’ll be surprised by the result of this survey about free sex of teenager (AGB) in Indonesia.

    .-= tikno´s last blog ..What was in my mind regarding same-sex marriage =-.

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