Xander: The Saga Continues…

I have mentioned about Xander the kitten, on my previous post , which also briefly detailed about how he got so sick in his first two weeks in his new adopted house.

I really thought it was the worst experience having a sick pet, but I was wrong, of course.

He threw up his breakfast last Sunday on to the pale cream carpet. After cleaning it up, I checked up on him and found him madly running around the house as usual, so I thought he just overate and nothing was serious. But in the afternoon I realised he hadn’t eaten and had anything to drink, which was unusual, since he normally has a big appetite. He also looked a bit tired and chose to sleep a lot, rather than going in and out of cat flap every ten minutes. I decided to take him to the vet the next day.

Monday: Nothing Serious…

The vet, after spending 5 minutes examining him, told me that Xander was probably teething, therefore his temperature was rising and he didn’t want to eat anything since his gum was sore. Yes, yes, just like human babies. So he gave some injection and some pills that Xander must take twice a day, and sent us home.

Tuesday: My Cat Wasn’t Getting Better!


I noticed that his temperature was indeed getting normal, but he still refused to eat. Thinking that his mouth was still sore, I forced him to drink. He did drink, but very little, and slept a lot, looking miserable. He also chose weird sleeping spots. Rather than sleeping in mr.mck’s jumper basket in the wardrobe, he chose to sleep under the frangipani tree in the back garden, something he never did before. At night time he went to bed very early and only drank his water if I pushed the bowl under his nose. He decided to confiscate my Johnston‘s 100% cashmere blanket and made it his, and I spent the whole night practically hold him as he only wanted to sleep on my lap. He is a very spoiled cat, but even that, his clingy behaviour was not normal, as he normally likes to sleep alone and only joined us once in a while.

Wednesday: Chaos

The next day I had guests coming over for lunch. Half of them came with their kids and everybody wanted to see Xander. But he’s not up for a show, chose to hide in the bedroom, still refusing to eat and only drinking a very little quantity of water. I wanted to take him back to the vet, but I was also worried I was being a paranoid ‘mother’, since he only took his pill the day before. So I decided to wait.

On the fourth day after he threw up, Xander’s condition got worse. He still drank water but hadn’t eaten at all. He did gave indication he was hungry, he was always hovering around the kitchen whenever I was there to do something, but once he had food under his nose, he couldn’t eat it.

After 7 pm, I asked mr.mck to take him to the pet emergency vet hospital. Mr.mck thought I was overreacting, and thought we should wait until the next day to take Xander back to our (regular) vet. But I was adamant for some reason. Xander was behaving even weirder, sleeping under the bed, didn’t move at all when I called him, his eyes weren’t bright and cheeky as usual, and his fur was sticking up and (maybe it was just my imagination) the white colour turned yellowish.

So mr.mck did finally take Xander there. I had to stay home to finish my article which was due on that day, and I was waiting for him to come back, hopefully with a big grin, telling me I was being silly, that Xander was fine, and only teething, and so on. But it took him much longer to come back, and when I saw him back alone, my heart sank.

The emergency pet doctor had pretty long list about what was wrong with Xander, and I got more scared by minutes, listening to the diagnoses. The two last diagnoses were either he ate something that didn’t agree with his tummy (snake? lizard? Caterpillar? God knows what he had found in our backyard), or he had something that was blocking his digestive system. Either diagnose required a further examination, X-ray, and possibly (gasp!) a surgery. He was also very dehydrated and low in potassium so he needed an IV pronto.

We had to wait until the vet finished examined him. If they didn’t call, it’s a good news, because they will only keep him under observation to rehydrate him. But the phone was ringing sometimes before 3 in the morning and the vet said they found something – a strange object – that was blocking Xander’s digestive system and it needed to be removed as soon as possible. Tonight would be the best option, but we could wait until the morning to send him to our normal vet. But imagining his miserable face and his sore tummy and the possible danger that came with the news (what if that strange object was poisonous, what if it exploded, and all the worst scenarios!), we told the vet to go ahead with the surgery.

Thursday: After The Surgery

On Thursday morning, we went to the hospital to pick Xander up. He was recovering well, according to the vet, and the successfully removed the “strange object”, which turns out to be… a bead. See being a kitten, Xander sometimes acts like a dog. He likes to carry things in his mouth and since he’s spoiled rotten, he’s got tens of toys he could play with. Some of his toys, like soft mousey, have beads at the end of their tails as they rattle when Xander playfully ‘kills’ them. For some reason, he accidentally ate it and that thing stuck in his stomach.

The vet brought the bead back to show us. It was shockingly big, considering Xander is very tiny. Next, he brought Xander back from the recovery room. He was wearing a cape (it is a collar but it’s so big it covers most of his body), and his right leg was wrapped around with a bandage and IV drip.

He looked much better and was making so much noise. A relief after being so quite for the last four days. We took him home for several hours, but as his potassium level was still low, he had to go back to our regular vet and they had to keep him under observation for another night.

Friday: After A Sleepless Night

Xander has been home since Friday, looking much more better, and of course eating a lot. It’s a big relief that he recovers quickly and gets well very fast, although he left such a huge dent in our wallet….

Here is a picture of Xander in his cape, looking grumpy and cranky, as expected.xander-cat-sick-2




  1. The picture is strange but endearing, the story is about a little drama but with a happy ending and Xander really, really is “a very spoiled cat”. The most expensive and pampered little cat on the continent actually :).

    • Colson: gosh he is terribly spoiled! The picture is him just got back from surgery, wearing his ‘cape’ because he has a huge scar on his tummy, and the cape prevents him to scratch it. His right hand was on IV drip :)

  2. jadi males miara kucing…mahal banget yah kalo sakit…

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