Yearbook : See How You Look Like in The Past

See the picture on the left? That’s how I looked like in 1964. I stumbled upon this website and immediately uploaded my picture to see how I look like in the past.

The website provides classic hairdos, vintage outfits, even old songs from the 50’s to 2000. It also brilliantly allows us to adjust our picture once it was superimposed with the model we choose. Although it can’t be 100% perfect, it still create amazing image of ourselves decades a go.

Below are how I look like between 1950s and 2000 and it cracks me up!! So hilarious! I actually had the last picture’s hairstyle during high school and thought I was so cool….







  1. gyahaha,, rofl…
    u looks like a weirdo..

  2. hahaha…. really cool…. the one from 1964 looks very convincing!

    mers last blog post..[JUS 494] Politics of Technology + Ice Cream

  3. Hmmm…I think they should change the website name to hairstyling yourself :) The ’78 pic looks very much like my hairstyle when I was in primary school…kribo banget deh :)

    Elyanis last blog post..Questions of the week

  4. LOL. I love yours in 50 …
    Will try to play with that hair and curious how do I look back then πŸ˜€

    tere616s last blog post..Racist in the eyes of an Indonesian

  5. I love the 3rd pic best… go afro!!!

  6. Kakakkkaka … kocak bener ngeliat elo dgn rambut beda tapi ekspresi muka sama persis!

    santi ds last blog post..Column ‘Anakku Berbahasa Indonesia’ on Wanita Online

  7. My favorite is the first picture. Very classy. Like a school teacher.

    Dinys last blog post..Addicted to It

  8. Guys, I think it’s only fair if you do it as well. I want to see how you all look like in the 50’s! :)

  9. I always read your blog in high spirits. Thanks :)

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