You Know You’re in UK When…

I was ordering a new wardrobe at John Lewis. It’s sort of custom made; we could choose size, colour, model, and additional bits according to the given catalog. After settling all the major parts, like size and colour, I began adding the elements like lights, drawers, and tie hangers. The cheery shop assistant happily took notes and presented the price for each item.

Up to the point where I told the her that I wanted to add the pants hanger.

She looked at be, bewildered.
“Pants hanger?”
“Yes, please.”
“I don’t think we have it.”
“Oh yes you do.” I opened up the catalog and showed it to her. “Here. Pants hanger, for 5 pants.”
“OH!” she chuckled. “You mean trousers hanger!”

This time it was my turn to look at her, “Yes, trousers hanger. What’s the difference?”
“I thought when you said pants, you mean underwear.”
“Here we say trousers, love. Not pants, like in America.”

Then I realized that I have made the same comment at Jakartass’ last November and he was wondering whether I had dirty thoughts about ladies swarming the office with the underwear on…

So a quick guide for those who happen to visit the UK:

  • Pants = underwear
  • Trousers = err.. long pants, or slacks
  • Tea = dinner
  • Vest = tank top

Will let you know if I find some more. Or perhaps if you have ever experienced the same ‘blonde moment’ as I did, please do share….



  1. Pants + Vest = Chest

  2. Andie Summerkiss says:

    Tea is dinner? How weird … In the Philippines, toilet / restroom is COMFORT ROOM.

    How corny is that?

  3. Martin Manurung says:

    haha.. I had similar experience too in England. But I enjoyed living in England, where the English language originally come from.

  4. Finally Woken says:

    @Andie: Americans call toilet Rest Room…so perhaps both Americans and the Philippines whatever we errr… release there will bring some comfort and make us more relax?

    @Martin: Glad I’m not the only one!

  5. Silverlines says:

    I thought Britons call women underwear as knickers?

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